Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tomato goodness

I moved house on 1 April this year, and we've been lucky enough to inherit a garden, with several different varieties of tomatoes, all of which are producing copious crops.

Thus far we have cooked
  • Meditteranean tomato and rice soup,
  • Oven semi-dried tomatoes
  • tomato sauce with onion and garlick
  • tomato, tuna, mushroom and spinach sauce,
  • Pizza with rich tomato, red onion and redwine sauce
  • Bruschetta (on home-made bread)
  • Vegetable Lasagne (in the freezer)
  • and of course Greek Salad - both Sakturian and Horiatki variant.
I now have a home-office (adjacent to the kitchen). I popped out into the garden mid-morning and discovered that we needed to harvest a few more tomatoes. So today I've done my accounts to the smell of slow roasting tomato sauce, with home-grown thyme, olive oil, and white onion, inspired by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's recipe for roasted tomato sauce here. I haven't decided whether to go the whole hog and sieve it or not, or just freeze it skins and all.

We have a few more red tomatoes to come, I think, and then it is on to the green tomato chutney recipe. Luckily this month's Cuisine magazine, and last week's Press Zest section both have recipes. I have bought green apples, raisins and ginger, so we are now ready to cook!