Monday, August 21, 2006

At YP at last

A quick blog...from the slow connection at the Sleepy Dragon Bar!

I've had 3 shifts as assistant cook, and enjoyed every one. However, this afternoon is my first as the main cook. I've been going over recipes in my mind for the past few days, planning for today. Plans change as I see what fellow cooks Udo and Mike invent. (Udo did pasta and garlic bread last night, so my pasta plan evaporated)

In the event, I'm constrained by the fact that the main vegetable order comes in tomorrow, so I have to be creative with what is available. It's pushing me outside my comfort zone of recipes I know are easy, and had planned for. Which is probably no bad thing as I need to live in the present, and fly by the seat of my tastebuds!

Necessity is the mother of invention, so there will be a little invention today. I tell myself I find it easier to be creative when I have a few constraints :-).

On the vegetable side I have plenty of red cabbage, onions, aubergine and beetroot, and lettuce. I've soaked some chickpeas and the last of the Gigante beans.

I'm thinking traditional cretan baked chickpeas with onions and oregano, maybe shepherdress pie with the gigantes and bits and pieces of vegetables. Maybe braised cabbage, although, given the heat, I may make that into a red slaw instead. Braised cabbage would go well with the pie though.

And my favourite dish of all - boiled beetroot with honey mustard dressing - so simple, and sooo delicious.

I'll blog tomorrow with the results! I'm planning on Finn's favourite chocolate cake as the cake tomorrow :-) Nothing else planned yet for the morning - it will depend on the vegetable deliveries!


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