Monday, August 07, 2006

Cures for jetlag and a cold

Today's new recipes aren't really recipes - they're a record of my trip to Borough Market (yes I am in London now!) and how I treated my cold and jetlag!

First ingredient:

Double espresso: go to Starbucks, or Monmouth Coffee company, order double espresso. Drink. Monmouth recommended as it was only 60p for a double! Starbucks it's £1.49.

Effect: Sinuses are much clearer (more effective than Sudafed!) and jetlag kept a little at bay.

Second ingredient: What I used to call the "Hangover smoothie" at borough market with blackberries, currants apple and fresh orange juice. Yummy and immune boosting.

Raspberries for £1 a punnet.

A carrier bag (well about a shoebox sized bag) of flat mushrooms for £1 at closing time!

Bread roll with red onion and feta on top - 5 for £1 at closing time - so my brother Matt had 2.

Chocolate brownie (David ate it, I sampled it!) Yum. Can't compare to Dan's as I haven't made the latter yet, but v v good.



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