Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Keen on Food and Fava

My friend, and former Yoga Plus cook, Adam Keen has set up an organic salad and meze business, selling yummy stuff around Spitalfields Market. He also caters for retreats and teaches yoga.

I've eaten Adam’s food before, and worked with him in the kitchen, and I can report it’s seriously good! Try it if you have the chance, and do check out his website

I always think of Adam when I cook Fava - a greek split pea dip. I made it the first time with Adam, and I always think of him when I make it.

Here's the version I'm cooking tonight.


Rinse chickpeas and cover with cold water. Add a teaspoonful of salt. Bring to the boil and simmer for 45 minutes. STIR FREQUENTLY – they have a tendency to stick!

After 45 minutes, when they are at a mashing consistency, leave them to cool. You may be able to cut with a knife, if you’re lucky!

Before serving, add a spoonful of mustard, the juice of a lemon, half a cup of olive oil, a grind of pepper, and lots of chopped dill.

Mix, and enjoy!

Fava is good served as a dip, with a salad made of grains, and a green salad. It also works on toast with marmite (a bit of a personal favourite there!)

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oops- just realised this says chick peas - of course it should be split peas