Monday, July 17, 2006

Welcome to the recipe zone

Hello all!

This is my blog, specially for recipes and thoughts about food.

In a few weeks I'll be a cook at YogaPlus ( in Crete, and I thought I'd put a few recipes here, for anyone who is interested.

I've cooked all my life. One of my earliest memories was of filling milk bottles to measure a pint of water when making Maggi packet soups for lunch with my mother as a toddler.

I got my first cookbook the Christmas I was 4 - the "Mary Mouse Cookbook". I still have it!

At times I've stopped cooking - when I lived in London and worked as a lawyer, and was out every night I ate out a lot, and lost the urge to cook.

My favourite kind of cooking challenge is to take a limited range of ingredients, including leftovers, and put them together in an unusual way. Cooking at YP is right up my sleeve, as the supply of the usual vegetarian and vegan food staples is limited (no soy products, for example).

Anyway, here is the blog - let's see what comes of it!



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Anonymous said...

I was doing a web search for "Mary Mouse Cookbook" and your blog was the only hit. I borrowed this book from my school library every 2 weeks until they stopped me. Photocopiers weren't around then. Would it be possible to either send me the ISBN number for the book (which I dare to say would be hard to find) or scan it and email it to me. I would like to try some of the recipes again. Regards Greg